All young girls want to look like the silicone doll

Parents are very worried about the Barbie effect. Barbie is the perfect icon for young girls and some of them manage to undergo several operations and a very strict diet. Silicone dolls are even better, and girls feel stunned by what is happening.

Why this desire to look like a doll

If we analyze the characteristics of the doll, she has the perfect body that all men dream of. Yes, she is very pretty, often slim with large breasts, perfect buttocks, big thighs... Even the imperfections on the doll's face have been placed in the right place to become a beauty spot. Silicone dolls are so realistic and many people are often mistaken as long as she does not stare. Everything was so well crafted, from the size to the weight, the eyes, the shape of the nose, the mouth and her indelible makeup. And then, she never has a wrinkle on this silicone love doll even if the years pass, she has no white hair, not a trace on her face, whose only makeup is baby powder. So, it is logical that young people have this ambition to become a doll.

Men now appreciate the non-standard

Out of the ordinary is the small size of our silicone doll. She measures 145 cm and weighs about 30 kilos, while her breasts are sized at 82 cm, and the depth of her vagina is 18 cm and her mouth 15 cm. These are not formulas for humans, but the dolls are perfectly well attended with this form. So if women can appear like them, it would be great, they will have all the men they want, and then they are very famous. We can't blame too much those women who are looking for perfection by making their body undergo several plastic surgeries, the sex doll is very famous and it is very much sought after in sex clubs nowadays.

Note that if men like dolls, it is not only because of its beautiful appearance, but the fact that it does not speak either.

Erotismus, de toutes récentes actu.